Matrix Products for Textile Industry


BMT is authorized distributor of "Matrix S.P.A. from Italy". All Matrix Products are directly imported by our company from Matrix Production plant located in Italy. Matrix products are "MADE IN ITALY". We represent & promote their complete pneumatics/Ejectors product line for Color Sorting Machines, Automotive & textile industry. We deals in offering electromechanic actuators, pneumatics valves, Piezoceramic actuator for textile applications.


Matrix offers a vast and complete range of selection boxes, all of which are characterised by their extreme modularity and adaptability to all types of textiles. With this kind of technology, Matrix can guarantee unequalled precision and selection speed, combined with superior reliability. The textile division’s product catalog also features a wide series of electronic controls based on last-generation microprocessors, which integrate perfectly with the selection systems, solenoid valves and pneumatic systems also produced by Matrix.


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For sock-knitting machines and textile machinery and looms, MATRIX offers a wide range of electromechanic selection boxes, characterized by high reliability and great dynamic performances. The technology adopted by these actuators ensures ultra-fast switching times and unsurpassed accuracy granting high mechanical strength and durability even in the worst working conditions. This translates in an extremely long and maintenance-free operating life, with noticeable positive effects on the productivity and service costs.







Matrix offer the widest range of piezoceramic selection boxes on the market. For both sock-knitting machines for man and women, stocking and pantyhose machines, underwear and lingerie equipments, linear Warp machines, straight looms and large diameter knitting equipments, MATRIX piezoceramic selection boxes ensure the highest reliability and productivity levels. The compactness as well as the performances offered by MATRIX innovative technology grant a remarkable power consumption reduction and a precision level never achieved before in textile applications.

Solenoid Valves

Pneumatic Systems

A wide range of pneumatic products and solutions expressly developed for the textile industry requirements. The 320 Series, 720 Series, 820 Series and 750 Series represent the most advanced and performing technical solutions for several textile applications, offering a noticeable improvement of the reliability and productivity. MATRIX technology allows the use of the most modern techniques of pressure and flowrate control such as PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) and PCM (Pulse Code Modulation).


Application Support

If you need any additional support in finding right Matrix Pneumatics Valves for your application, please do kindly revert us with further details, our highly skilled design team would be happy to assist you.