Matrix Products for Automotive Industry


BMT is authorized distributor of "Matrix S.P.A. from Italy". All Matrix Products are directly imported by our company from Matrix Production plant located in Italy. Matrix products are "MADE IN ITALY". We represent & promote their complete pneumatics/Ejectors product line for Color Sorting Machines, Automotive & textile industry. We deals in offering Matrix products like Multi-Outlet Injectors, Single-Outlet Injectors, Injector Rails, Pressure Control Device, Filters etc.


Matrix injectors deliver top performance, reliability and smooth driveability both with LPG and CNG. Matrix injectors come in a range of models, flow rates and number of outlet ports, in order to cover the widest possible range of engine capacities today on the market.


Documents for Download:


-> Matrix Automotive Catalogue

-> Matrix LPG & CNG Fuel Injectors.

-> Matrix LPG & CNG Components.


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-Multi-outlet configuration, compact dimensions and low mass
-Proportional flowrate control (1 - 2 outlets version) with digital logic
-Long operating life, over 500 millions of cycles
-Very high repeatability, precision and linearity
-Response time 0,5 ms-Opening and closing time 1 ms
-Ultra-linear shutter technology
-High flowrate versions, High pressure versions
-Reduced noise


-Very high repeatability and precision
-Ultra-low mass (38 gr Flying version)
-Long operating life, over 500 millions of cycles
-Low consumption in holding mode
-Ultra linear shutter
-Response time 0,5 ms
-Opening time 0,9 ms
-Reduced noise


Application Support

If you need any additional support in finding right Matrix Products for your application, please do kindly revert us with further details, our highly skilled design team would be happy to assist you.