Hamamatsu- Linear Image Sensor



BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT) is New Delhi, India based company, We are the leading supplier of Hamamatsu, Japan for their complete range of linear image sensors etc. We for Factory Automation, Machine Vision applications etc.


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The Hamamatsu image sensors are widely used in several applications like color sorter machine, factory automation, machine vision, line scan camera, medical imaging, scanner etc.


we hold complete portfolio of Hamamatsu Image Sensors, Please let us know your requirement, we shall assist you accordingly.


For complete Image Sensor Brochure: (Click To Download)


Please see below table, we have listed some of the linear image sensors parts, However the complete parts list you can download from the links mentioned.


CMOS Linear Image Sensors
S11108 2048 pixels , Pixel Size (14 x 14). 4672 line/s Download
S13488 2048 pixels , Pixel Size (14 x 42). Download
S11637-2048Q 2048 pixels , Pixel Size (12.5 x 500 ). 4812 line/s Download
S11639-01 2048 pixels , Pixel Size (14 x 200 ). 4672 line/s Download
S11638 2048 pixels , Pixel Size (14 x 42). 4672 line/s Download
S13774 4096 pixels , Pixel Size (7 x 7). 100000 line/s Download
S13496 4096 pixels , Pixel Size (7 x 200 ). 2387 line/s Download
S12706 4096 pixels , Pixel Size (7 x 7 ). 2387 line/s Download
For other Image Sensor Series
CCD image sensors Hamamatsu CCD image sensors use an FFT-CCD that achieves a 100 % fill factor and collects light with zero loss, Download
CMOS linear image sensors It incorporate a timing circuit and signal processing amplifiers integrated on the same chip, and operate from simple input pulses and a single power supply. Thus the external circuit can be simplified. Download
NMOS image sensors --------------------------------------- Download
Distance image sensors --------------------------------------- Download
InGaAs image sensors Image sensors for near infrared region. Built-in readout circuit allows easy handling. Download
X-ray image sensors X-ray image sensors consisting of a CCD image sensor or photodiode array that is optically coupled to a Scintillator. Download


Application Support: If you need any additional support in finding right Hamamatsu image sensors for your application, please do kindly revert us with further details, our highly skilled design team would be happy to assist you.


OEM/Custom design: Our company can also produce/design custom camera solution based on your specific Hamamatsu image sensor requirements, please let us know your application and model of image sensor you need. we shall make our proposal accordingly.