Our Key Market Applications


We are India's largest supplier & distributor of several types of electronics parts which are needed to manufacture complete Factory Automation Machines. We also offer Complete Electronics Systems, End-2-End Solution, Turkey projects etc. to OEM customer's worldwide etc. We deals in several industrial applications like in Color Sorting Machines, Automotive, Textile, Medical Imaging, FMCG, Machine Vision, Factory Automation & others etc. Please find below some of our major applications our company deals:



BMT offer complete electronics systems & parts level support to large pool of this application areas like: colour sorter machine, fruit sorting, pharma sorting, PVC sorting, mineral sorting, cotton sorting other allied vision based sorting etc.


We can support for the entire development of electronics systems required for the machines or we shall also support for the portion of it. we have lucrative solution interms of high speed Matrix ejector for color sorter, RGB image sensors, processing electronics boards, software & all associated electronics hardware etc.


BMT is partner with Matrix SPA from Italy to offer their complete range of solutions to Automotive Industry.


Matrix injectors deliver top performance, reliability and smooth driveability both with LPG and CNG. Matrix injectors come in a range of models, flow rates and number of outlet ports, in order to cover the widest possible range of engine capacities today on the market.


We deals in offering Matrix products like Multi-Outlet Injectors, Single-Outlet Injectors, Injector Rails, Pressure Control Device, Filters etc.


BMT is partner with Matrix SPA from Italy to offer their complete range of solutions to Textile Industry. We deals in offering electromechanic actuators, pneumatics valves, Piezoceramic actuator etc.


A wide range of pneumatic products and solutions expressly developed for the textile industry requirements. The 320 Series, 720 Series, 820 Series and 750 Series represent the most advanced and performing technical solutions for several textile applications. we also deals in offering complete electronics systems for textiles applications like cotton contamination sorter machine.


BMT supports it customer's from Medical equipment industry through it's dedicated knowledge & experience in this segment.


we offers Medical Imaging solution as per specific needs in the large number of medical applications like: C-ARM, X-ray Imaging, General Radiography and Dental X-ray to Angiography, Cardiology, DNA analysis. Our Scientific applications includes: fluorescence, chemiluminescence, gel electrophoresis, quantitative microscopy and astronomy, microscopy and bioscience applications etc.


BMT supports it customer's from Pharma equipment industry through it's dedicated knowledge & experience in this segment.


Our Machine Vision Solutions are available for wide variety of applications in this segment like: Blister inspection, track & trace inspection & liquid level verification, code/batch print inspection, tablet inspection etc. in the pharmaceutical industry.



BMT offers broad portfolio of high speed machine vision cameras & high quality machine vision lenses, We also offer complete electronics vision based systems for wide range of applications.


we are actively serving automated inspection applications in automotive, bottle inspection, Textile, PCB Inspection, Diamond bruter & diamond laser applications, Pencil inspection, colour analysis, color sorter & many others etc


We also support for Special Purpose Machines (SPM), Laser cutting and other allied vision applications.


BMT is india's leading supplier of complete vision based systems which are actively used in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Key applications are:


-> City Surveillance

-> Under Vehicle Surveillance System

-> Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) including traffic enforcement as well many others etc.

Application Support

If your application is not listed above, please let us know the application for which you are looking the complete electronics system, we will be happy to support you accordingly. We look forward to working with you on your toughest imaging problems.